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Outdoor Furniture Easy Cleaning and Maintenance by Loll Designs

Curious how easily you can clean your Loll Designs outdoor furniture? Take a look at this video and clean your furniture in a few minutes!

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How to care for your Loll furniture during the winter

The smell in the air. The crisp mornings. The pumpkin lattes at your local coffee shop.
Ready or not, winter is coming. This time of year, we get many people wondering how they should care for their Loll furniture during the coming months. The answer is really quite simple: You don’t need to do anything at all – that’s the beauty of no-maintenance outdoor furniture. But, let’s touch on a few common questions we get.

Do I need to store my Loll furniture inside?
Under average winter conditions, the answer is nope. Loll furniture was meant to spend its days al fresco throughout all four season. It’s made in Duluth, MN, and tested to withstand some pretty bad winters. That being said, we don’t recommend leaving it in an area that is susceptible to high drifting or piling of snow – (think eaves, snow-blowers and snowplows). The weight of a lot of wet, heavy snow over an extended amount of time can compromise the material. Remember, it’s really durable, but not indestructible. Here are some fun shots of our furniture enduring the winter elements.



Our furniture is even used at ski hills. In fact, Spirit Mountain in Duluth uses our poly material in their terrain park. They’ve chosen it specifically because of its durability outdoors and in cold and wet conditions.

Do I need to cover my furniture?
Nope. Loll furniture prefers the el natural.

How do I spruce up my furniture in the spring?
Most often, a simple hose-off will do the trick. If there is more dirt, a wet rag and natural spray cleaner should be sufficient. Microfiber towels also work great. If there is dirt embedded in the texture, use mild soap and water and a stiff but gentle-bristled brush. You can power wash your furniture if you like that sort of thing. Also check out our eco-friendly cleaning kit. It includes everything you need to spruce up your furniture – the natural way.

Have more questions about Loll furniture and winter care? Feel free to contact us. We’ll answer – unless the power lines are frozen up here 😉

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Loll Designs Donates $60K

DULUTH, MN: Duluth-based Loll Designs, designers and manufacturers of modern outdoor furniture, announced a $60,000 donation to be spread equally among three local outdoor nonprofits: Duluth Climbers Coalition, Duluth XC Ski Club, and Cyclists of Gitchee Gumee Shores (COGGS). Since 2006, as part of their commitment to the community, Loll has contributed more than $362,000 in financial support for improved access to the outdoors with a focus on legacy outdoor projects.

“Loll is a great example of how a business can have a positive impact on our entire community,” said Duluth Mayor Emily Larson. “When they do well, we do well. I am grateful for their support and applaud their investments to our outdoor experiences.”

Checks in the amount of $20,000 were presented to representatives of each organization at a media event at Loll Headquarters in West Duluth. Attendees included Mayor Emily Larson, Loll CEO Greg Benson, and leaders from each of the three organizations.

“These funds will help us further our vision of making cross-country skiing widely accessible in the City of Duluth. The resources will help provide funding to enhance snow-making capabilities, which will not only extend the ski season 6-10 weeks each year, but also further position Duluth as a nationally recognized cross-country destination,” said Cory Salmela, Duluth XC Ski Club board member.

This donation is part of Loll’s commitment to 1% for the Planet, a global organization of companies donating at least one percent of their annual net revenues to environmental organizations. In addition, it fulfills Loll’s commitment to creating a lasting outdoor legacy in Duluth.

“It’s exciting to see how our contribution can help transform Duluth’s outdoor infrastructure,” stated Greg Benson, Loll Designs CEO. “We know our commitment inspires others to do the same. These organizations are not only great stewards of their resources, but also help improve the community where we choose to live and work.”

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Dacks and Loll have joined forces

Dacks acquires the exclusive rights to market the Loll brand in Europe. The aim is to make a big part of the Loll products available for the European market. Dacks once started by importing Adirondacks, the authentic cedar wood Adirondacks that is. This is also where we got our name from, Dacks. The US based Loll also started it business with Adirondacks, but Adirondacks made from 100% recycled plastic. Loll invested three years of prototyping into their Adirondack collection before launching it. An estimated eight recycled milk jugs go into each pound of a Loll Adirondack Chair, which equals about 400 milk jugs per chair. Plus, the recycled material used to produce Loll items is 100% recyclable. This is why Loll, both product and company, can be seen as a green company. Perfect match for us, true outdoor lovers!

The different Loll collections range from modern to a little more traditional. But one thing they all have in common. They will provide you a ‘feel-good’ feeling. Besides being easy on the eye and comfortable, their outdoor furniture is maintenance-friendly, sustainable and environmentally responsible. And we are glad to say their manufacturing process is environmentally friendly. Once, after many years of outdoor fun, your Loll furniture to be replaced it is easy to recycle.

Lolls motto is one that appeals to us: Recycle & Relax. All products that leave the Loll plant are 100% made of recycled plastic. In addition, their high-end quality ensures a much longer life than what is common. Finally, when you need to replace your beloved Loll furniture after many, many years of fun in the sun these can be recycled. Made of recycled plastic, all Loll products are ideal for coastal areas where the salty air often is a concern. But Loll furniture also easily finds its way to roof terraces, city gardens. And thanks to their high-end quality you can leave them outdoors year after year, sunshine or rain.

Loll Designs Europe
And never mind the colder days. Loll furniture sits nicely round a fire-pit. With or without the authentic Loll-poncho to keep you warm. As to be expected is this poncho is made from recycled wool and recycled acrylic.

Chairs, footstools, sofas, tables, swings, planters, children’s bikes… The list is long, fortunately. We sure understand their motto: Recycle & Relax! We think Loll rocks…