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Dacks and Loll have joined forces

Dacks acquires the exclusive rights to market the Loll brand in Europe. The aim is to make a big part of the Loll products available for the European market. Dacks once started by importing Adirondacks, the authentic cedar wood Adirondacks that is. This is also where we got our name from, Dacks. The US based Loll also started it business with Adirondacks, but Adirondacks made from 100% recycled plastic. Loll invested three years of prototyping into their Adirondack collection before launching it. An estimated eight recycled milk jugs go into each pound of a Loll Adirondack Chair, which equals about 400 milk jugs per chair. Plus, the recycled material used to produce Loll items is 100% recyclable. This is why Loll, both product and company, can be seen as a green company. Perfect match for us, true outdoor lovers!

The different Loll collections range from modern to a little more traditional. But one thing they all have in common. They will provide you a ‘feel-good’ feeling. Besides being easy on the eye and comfortable, their outdoor furniture is maintenance-friendly, sustainable and environmentally responsible. And we are glad to say their manufacturing process is environmentally friendly. Once, after many years of outdoor fun, your Loll furniture to be replaced it is easy to recycle.

Lolls motto is one that appeals to us: Recycle & Relax. All products that leave the Loll plant are 100% made of recycled plastic. In addition, their high-end quality ensures a much longer life than what is common. Finally, when you need to replace your beloved Loll furniture after many, many years of fun in the sun these can be recycled. Made of recycled plastic, all Loll products are ideal for coastal areas where the salty air often is a concern. But Loll furniture also easily finds its way to roof terraces, city gardens. And thanks to their high-end quality you can leave them outdoors year after year, sunshine or rain.

Loll Designs Europe
And never mind the colder days. Loll furniture sits nicely round a fire-pit. With or without the authentic Loll-poncho to keep you warm. As to be expected is this poncho is made from recycled wool and recycled acrylic.

Chairs, footstools, sofas, tables, swings, planters, children’s bikes… The list is long, fortunately. We sure understand their motto: Recycle & Relax! We think Loll rocks…

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