outdoor furniture: for the modern lollygagger

Loll produces, designs and manufactures durable, all-weather outdoor furniture made from 100% recycled plastic – mostly from single-use milk jugs. Loll’s modern outdoor furniture adds a unique and contemporary aesthetic to outdoor spaces.

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Our product offering is very extensive, ranging from site furnishings to lounging and includes multiple Lollygagger and other lounge-style chairs. Please contact us for all available products. This consumerwebsite, www.lolldesigns.eu, is also a great source of information and inspiration. Want to join our lollygagger-team? Lets meet!

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How to care for your Loll furniture during the winter

The smell in the air. The crisp mornings. The pumpkin lattes at your local coffee shop. Ready or not, winter is coming. This time of year, we get many people wondering how they should care for their Loll furniture during…

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Loll Designs Donates $60K

DULUTH, MN: Duluth-based Loll Designs, designers and manufacturers of modern outdoor furniture, announced a $60,000 donation to be spread equally among three local outdoor nonprofits: Duluth Climbers Coalition, Duluth XC Ski Club, and Cyclists of Gitchee Gumee Shores (COGGS). Since…

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Dacks and Loll have joined forces

Dacks acquires the exclusive rights to market the Loll brand in Europe. The aim is to make a big part of the Loll products available for the European market. Dacks once started by importing Adirondacks, the authentic cedar wood Adirondacks that is. This is…

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